Behzad Kazzazy has been working as a movie and theatrical production and set designer for over 30 years, during which time he has designed for many of the major regional theatre and movie companies around the Islamic Republic of IRAN. he has designed over 50 productions since 2018…

He was a productive and critical member of my film crew. Mr. KAZZAZI has always been a pioneer of new methods and styles of his time due to his extraordinary vision. He is a brilliant production designer with years of experience and has a treasure trove of technical knowledge in various fields related to film production which is extremely useful when consulted during the production. His understanding of the mood and spirit of the movie, best use of material at hand in addition to a refined and trained eye in detecting the flaws within the script have always resulted in a high quality product which enjoyed great success.

Mr Kamal Tabrizi

In each occasion Mr. KAZZAZI demonstrated his dedication, sometimes even tenaciousness in the pursuit of quality. Always it seemed that Mr. KAZZAZI has the whole story was visualized in his mind and he is planning the design of every sequence, the equipments required and manpower needed for efficient production. With a detailed visual concept, an excellent understanding of the script, command of a vast technical knowledge and proficiency with state of the art technology, Mr. KAZZAZI was a critical member of the production whose contributions was significantly important for the success and quality of our mutual works.

Mr Majid Majidi

Mr. KAZZAZI is an expert in establishing a fantasy environment and because he performs all the tasks of designing the set of the movie himself, he has comprehensive control over it and provides the cinematographer shots that are beyond the expectations of the script. As a cinematographer, you can be sure of his work and the brilliant results. His visual concepts are outstanding and he has a very keen eye for details that surpasses many of his colleagues. As we proceed in the production, the movie became more and more dependent on his skills, integrity and uniformity, original ideas implemented in the movie. Altogether combined with his ethical conduct and unique character, working with him has been an enjoyable experience.

Mr Mahmoud Kalari

He was a productive and critical member of my film crew and occasionally helped us in various other aspects of production because of his extensive experience in this work. He assisted us in improving scripts which would greatly improve the story and continuity of the movie and provided several original insights on various other aspects of the production.As one of our outstanding and most experienced set, costume and production designers Mr. KAZZAZI has significantly influenced our motion picture industry and has set numerous standards of quality for others to follow. Efficient, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, he embodies what any producer or director would dream of in production that would result in the best quality with the material provided.

Mr Mohammad Ali Talebi

Mr. KAZZAZI is quite accurate in his work he makes conclusions that draws attention to flaws within the script and provides his own set of corrections which would enhance the performance and interaction between various departments of production. He designs everything efficient for production. He has a detailed visual concept, an excellent understanding of the script, command of a vast technical knowledge and proficiency with state of the art technology which guaranties the quality of his work.He is one of the critical members of our motion picture industry whose original work has contributed a lot to this industry ,his skills and knowledge as a costume, set designer can ensure the success of any project he is involved with. It is with great pleasure to recommend him for any professional production team looking for such experienced and talented individual.

Mr Reza Mirkarimi