Design Film & Theater

Production And set design, like any other creative department in film making, can make or break a movie. It is curious, however, that unless the sets in a film are breathtaking and gorgeous, they will seldom even be mentioned.That’s the unfortunate facet of being an art director/set designer. If your work isn’t stellar, then you’ll most likely come and go without a notice. However, what is it that makes a set great? That makes it iconic and memorable? Is it the sheer scope, the ambition, the painstaking attention to detail? Is it the illusions it creates, the way it dialogues with the characters, the color schemes and textile patterns?It could be all of those, and more.

Here are the list of movie and series that i designed in past years:

  • 2016

    Emkane Mina

  • 2014

    Sarzamine Kohan

  • 2010


  • 2008


  • 2008

    Kalantari gheir entefaee

  • 2008

    Ghasideh yek shabe barani

  • 2007


  • 2007

    Bachehaye Abri

  • 2007

    Esteshhadi baraye khoda

  • 2006


  • 2006

    Bachehaye Abadi

  • 2005


  • 2004

    The Willow Tree

  • 2004

    Yek teke nan

  • 2003


  • 2003

    Dar cheshme bad

  • 2002

    Inja cheraghi roshan ast

  • 2001


  • 1996


  • 1993

    Akharin khoon

  • 1990