Interior Design

Interior Design

Drawing upon her 20-year international experience in the design industry, I have been influenced by the palpable creative culture living in Tehran,Paris and Toronto. My signature modern interior design style encourages the mingling of new, original forms, and architecturally clean shapes with thoughtful details rich in vintage aesthetics.I describe my style as Modern + Artful. A mixture of modern classics and contemporary unique shapes and style of today.I am passionate about creating spaces and environments that tell a visual story, take you on a journey and portray your character and personality.I truly love absorbing the unique lifestyle of different cultures when traveling and really engrain myself in the local events and social activities. I gather inspiration by ensuring that I attend to my curiosities by going to all of past and present modern art + architecture environments that surround me. The sunshine, beaches, water and and outdoor landscapes inspire my design passions and excite me every day!

Office Interior Design (Kanon Iran novin)
Entrance Door
Restaurant Decoration
Vezarat Amoozesh Decoration